1st Verse

Up in the hills, the green kambui hills you’ll find it,

Holy Rosary, the school we love so well,

Where the girls of keen ambition seek the summit,

Where the noblest aims and youthful minds impel.

For from the start our minds are filled with dreams of greatness,

Serving our country through the work we’ve learned to do.

And Mary, our queen –

Is directing our course –┬áTo the end.


As we go by – all the girls of the Holy Rosary,

Proudly we march, in the steps of our glorious queen,

Strong in our faith, in our love, unity and truth,

Joy fills our hearts, as we strive to give God glory.

2nd Verse

Out from this school, we eager students soon will scatter,

Urged to share the good we value more than gold.

To maintain our right to choosing in things that matter

And the dignity of women to uphold,

So that our lives with radiant purity may shine,

Uplifting our nation as the passing years go by.

And Mary our Queen –

Is directing our course – to the end.